Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a limit to the number of entries I can submit?

A: No. You may submit as many entries to as many categories as you wish, but keep in mind that multiple entries each require a separate application.

Q: Are we able to enter multiple items (that are different) in the same category, for the same event?

A: YES – of course you can! Everyone has different versions of their program book – t-shirts – promotional items etc. So yes, if you have more than one – up your odds and enter them all!

Q: My entry might fit into more than one category. Can I submit it in both?

A: Yes. An entry that fulfills the requirements of a submission in more than one category may be entered in both categories. Please note that every submission requires a separate application.

Q: I’m a student in my school Music program. Can I submit an entry for something our program does?

A: Anyone is eligible to submit an entry for the Advocacy in Action Awards. We do ask, however, that anyone nominating their local music program verify their submission with the signature of  their program’s director/instructor.

Q: Who Evaluates the Advocacy in Action Awards entries?

A: Evaluators will include educators, administrators, community leaders, Music for All partners, and business leaders recognized for achievement in each category.

Q: How are the Advocacy in Action Awards entries Evaluated?

A: Each category will be assigned a panel of 2-3 evaluators. This panel will evaluate based on criteria specific to their respective category.

Each and every music program that enters is completely different from the other. No two are alike, therefore no two entries are alike. So it’s quite difficult to judge one against the other. It becomes the subjective opinion of the judges based on their experience and expertise in the profession and their knowledge of that category area.

We do not reveal the names of the evaluators as we make every effort to protect them from questions – opting to direct all the questions about the evaluation process and the awards directly to Music for All instead.

Q: For categories that require a link to be submitted, how long should the links remain active?

A: Even though you may be submitting your entries in July or August, the judging doesn’t take place until September. And then even after the judging takes place, there is a lot of preparation work that occurs after the judging to get the materials ready for the Awards Presentation and post the necessary information online. So, if all links can remain active through January of the next calendar year, that would be ideal.

If you have further questions about the Advocacy in Action Awards, please contact Patrick Rutledge at 1-800-848-2263 or .

Award Categories

Entries for the Advocacy in Action Awards can be in a wide array of categories, including but not limited to:

Decision-Maker Interaction

Recruitment & Retention

Community Engagement

Marketing & Promotion

Parent & Booster Involvement

Fundraising & Sponsorship