Every year, North Jefferson Middle School Concert Band students travel to the largest elementary school in Kimberly, Alabama to perform for eager elementary school students. In November 2021, the students brought pure passion and excitement to all fourth and fifth grade classes, playing to an audience of 233 students plus faculty and staff. This is an annual recruitment effort to engage and encourage elementary school students to join middle school band.

After showing students different instrument families, North Jefferson Middle School students performed a variety of concert music that showcased their skills and strength as a band program. Not only was this tour an amazing recruitment tool, but it also let elementary school students experience the heart of music making and how fun it is! Initiatives like this inspire music makers of all ages.

Do you have a musical advocacy initiative that sounds similar? Consider applying for the 2022 Advocacy in Action Awards. This year’s Advocacy in Action Awards have the following application categories: Community Involvement, Decision-Maker Engagement, Innovative Fundraising, Pandemic Perseverance, Parent/Booster Support, and Student Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement.