Advocacy in Action Awards: Fundraising & Sponsorship

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In many schools across the country, music programs could not function without consistent fundraising. Various fundraisers and sponsorship programs have been used by many programs in order to improve the quality of the materials and the learning environments afforded to their students. Achievement in this category demonstrates the understanding that creative and active fundraising benefits both individual students and entire programs.
Applicant Information

Program Information
If you are are applying on behalf of a school program, please include the school name on this form. If you are applying on behalf of a district wide program, you do not need to list the names of each school in the district.

General Information


Please use only numbers and decimal points (no dollar signs or commas).

If you would like to provide a more detailed budget document/spreadsheet, please upload that below.


Supporting Materials
Supporting materials include photographs, promotional materials (advertisements, flyers, etc.), and event materials (handouts, signage, forms, etc.)

Before your application can be submitted, you will need to verify your submission with an electronic signature from the director, teacher, administrator, or booster president of the applying program.

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