Advocacy in Action Awards: Marketing & Promotion

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For many scholastic music programs, advocating for your program often means advertising. Marketing and promotion of your program can help build attendance at events and expand your program’s presence in the community. The visibility of a school music program can benefit its advocacy efforts and help strengthen relationships with sponsors and community partners. Achievement in this category demonstrates a commitment to increasing the visibility of high-quality music programs.
Applicant Information

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Program Information

If you are applying on behalf of multiple schools that are not in the same district, please choose one school to be the representative for this application. You will be able to list the other participating schools below.

General Information

Physical objects for consideration should be sent directly to:

Music for All, Inc.
Attn: Advocacy in Action
39 W. Jackson Place
Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN 46225

Please note: Items submitted will not be returned.

Please submit object as is. Do not mount objects for submission on any form of board. (e.g. wood, foam, poster, etc.)

500 words maximum

200 words maximum

500 words maximum

500 words maximum

Please use only numbers and decimal points (no dollar signs or commas).

If you would like to provide a more detailed budget document/spreadsheet, please upload that below.


500 words maximum

500 words maximum

500 words maximum

500 words maximum

200 words maximum
Supporting Materials
Supporting materials include photographs, promotional materials (advertisements, flyers, etc.), and event materials (handouts, signage, forms, etc.)

Before your application can be submitted, you will need to verify your submission with an electronic signature from the director, teacher, administrator, or booster president of the applying program.

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