Community Engagement

The students who participate in a school music program are members of a larger community, and engaging with the local community can be incredibly beneficial to any scholastic organization. Community engagement efforts can be powerful tools for demonstrating the value of a quality music program and connecting people through music, and any form of community engagement can build support and influence. Achievement in this category demonstrates a commitment to establishing school music programs as integral parts of their communities.

2019 Community Engagement Award Winners

Submission Guidelines


All submissions in this category must include the following written components:

  • An overview that introduces and describes the entry (500 words)
  • An explanation of how you measured the effectiveness of the entry (500 words)

If applicable, applicants will be asked to include the following information with their entry:

  • Data supporting the measured effectiveness of the entry
  • Historical information about how the entry developed to its current form
  • Obstacles encountered in the implementation of the entry
  • Expense/budget information about the entry
  • Information about the entry’s target audience

Applicants may also choose to include any or all of the supporting materials listed below with their entry:

  • Up to ten photos/documents/objects/videos supporting the entry

Specific types of submissions may require additional information, as listed below.

  • Outstanding Community Event
  • Outstanding Community Engagement Program
  • Outstanding Community Service Project
  • Outstanding Community Engagement Video

Are You Ready to Apply?

Applications are due September 15, 2020

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