Friends of music education include parents, program alumni, administrators, community members, donors, and more! 

Here are some things you can try as a friend of music education, or to activate friends of your program!

School Board Letters
  • Writing a letter to the school board can be a powerful way to share about the power of a music program.  Boosters and administrators could be a tremendous help here, taking something off a teacher’s plate or adding a fresh perspective.
  • Download a School Board Letter Template
State of the Music Program
  • Regularly updating your administration (and boosters!) about what’s going on in your program is a great way to keep them informed and to gain points for being proactive. Remember – they can’t support what they don’t know about!
  • Blog: State of the Music Program
Alumni Engagement
  • Alumni are a powerful and ever-growing group. Alumni-driven advocacy efforts can have a significant impact on a program. Whether you ARE an alum, or just know some, try activating this powerful group!
  • Blog: Alumni Engagement