Recruitment & Retention


Students are the most fundamental part of any scholastic music program. For many students, time spent around music is the most important part of the school day. While there are many factors that influence the size and make-up of school music programs, recruitment and retention plans can have an immense impact on the stability and longevity of a program. Programs that show achievement in this category demonstrate a commitment to building and sustaining a high-quality school music program.


All submissions in this category must include the following written components:

  • An overview that introduces and describes the entry (500 words)
  • A summary of the entry’s objectives (250 words)
  • An explanation of how you measured the effectiveness of the entry (250 words)

If applicable, applicants will be asked to include the following information with their entry:

  • Data supporting the measured effectiveness of the entry
  • Historical information about how the entry developed to its current form
  • Obstacles encountered in the implementation of the entry
  • Expense/budget information about the entry
  • Information about the entry’s target audience

Applicants may also choose to include any or all of the supporting materials listed below with their entry:

  • Up to ten photos/documents/objects supporting the entry
  • One video, up to three minutes in length, supporting the entry

Specific types of submissions may require additional information, as listed below.

  • Outstanding Recruitment Video
  • Outstanding Beginning Recruitment Program
  • Outstanding High School Recruitment Program
  • Outstanding Recruitment Event/Activity
  • Outstanding Middle School Retention Program
  • Outstanding High School Retention Program

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Decision-Maker Interaction

Recruitment & Retention

Community Engagement

Marketing & Promotion

Parent & Booster Involvement

Fundraising & Sponsorship

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