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Troy, OH
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Katherine Mcintosh, Director
Troy Donut Days


The Troy Music Boosters mission is to support the band, choir and orchestra programs throughout the Troy City School District.  This support is created by raising funds for these programs in order that the programs may flourish.  The Troy Music Boosters are gratefully indebted to the Troy City Schools and it’s administrators for their support of music throughout the district, but also realizes that no school system can fully fund a flourishing music program.  Therefore, the Troy Music Boosters support the music programs by helping to provide financial support that can’t be provided by the district itself.

The Troy School District is made up of one high school, one junior high, one 6th grade building and six elementary buildings.  The Troy City School District encompasses 36.7 square miles in central Miami County, Ohio. The district serves the City of Troy and Concord Township.  The community, which is comprised of 22,000 people, is situated on I-75 approximately 20 miles north of Dayton, Ohio. The I-70, I-75 interchange is about twelve miles south of Troy, giving residents easy access to two major highway systems serving the United States. Dayton International Airport is also a fifteen-minute drive down Interstate 75.  The Troy Schools enjoy widespread community support that gives meaning to the phrase, “In Troy, Civic Pride is City Wide.”


The donuts are sold annually at the Troy Strawberry Festival. A weekend festival with over 100,000 people in attendance. The donuts are made by the Parents and students of the Troy Band Program. These same parents and students also set up the donut booth 3 days before the event AND operate a pre-sale program on Thursday and Friday of Festival week. This consists of over 600 volunteers working at least one 4 hour shift. Band students grades 6-12 work in the making of the donuts. Parents fry the donuts. High School students mix the batter. Junior High students glaze the donuts and 6th grade students pick and pack the donuts. Parents also man the sales counter (with the aid of high school students supplying the donuts). We have both cash sales and also use card sales through the use of a Square. The orchestra and choir parents and students are in charge of cleanup which takes approximately 12 hours over two days. These are broken into 4 hour shifts of 30-40 people per shift.



The Troy Music Boosters own over $40,000 of donut equipment. This equipment has been updated and replaced through the 30 years of the project. Troy is the home to Hobart Corporation who has been very supportive of the project through the years. This relationship has allowed the boosters to purchase much of the equipment at reasonable prices. Inventory includes, 4 Hobart Commercial Mixers, 3 Baxter donut fryers, 3 glazing stations, a number of donut racks and other equipment needed for the project. The Troy Music Boosters rent grease melters and an additional mixer from Harmony Brands in Lewis Center, OH. Harmony Brands is also the supplier of ingredients and supplies for the event. Typically, the Music Boosters purchase over 15,000 pounds of donut cake mix, 7000 pounds of solid grease along with icing mix and strawberry bits. Just the bill of ingredients from this project is over $24,000 in cost.


This program has been operating for over 30 years. In time, it has grown from approximately $5,000-$10,000 profit to $100,000. We make and sell almost 16,000 DOZEN donuts for this project. This money funds the band, choir and orchestra programs for an entire year. The Troy Strawberry Festival requires a payment of 15%

What did you do to update/change this program from the year before? Were your updates/changes successful? Please provide measurable results/examples.

Every year we look at this program and try to improve it. Sometimes it has been just looking at the actual operation to make the flow better. Other times, it has been trying out different ideas to make the line go faster (ie. Fastpass, only offering one item, etc.). At this point in the

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