About Advocacy Now

Over the past year, we’ve found ourselves in unique situations facing unexpected challenges. Overcoming these challenges requires inspiration, dedication, and creative solutions.

As we begin to move back toward the familiar, music advocacy remains essential. Advocacy Now materials are is designed to be “bite-sized,” actionable ideas that you can implement to be the best music advocacy you can be, whether you’re a brand new advocate or a seasoned professional.

Student Testimonials
Teacher Appreciation
  • A teacher’s job is far from easy. Show your teacher what they mean to you! Project: Thank A Music Teacher
Postcard Exchange
  • Students can lead the charge in fostering a sense of community in a music program! Project: Postcard Exchange
Content Ideas
Professional Development
  • Mind the Gap webinar series for young and future music educators
School Board Letters
  • Writing a letter to the school board can be a powerful way to share the power of a music program.  Boosters and administrators could be a tremendous help here, taking something off a teacher’s plate or adding a fresh perspective.
  • Download a School Board Letter Template
State of the Music Program
  • Regularly updating school administration and the community about what’s going on in a music program is a great way to keep everyone informed and to gain points for being proactive. Remember – they can’t support what they don’t know about!
  • Blog: State of the Music Program
Alumni Engagement
  • Alumni are a powerful and ever-growing group. Alumni-driven advocacy efforts can have a significant impact on a program. Whether you ARE an alum, or just know some, try activating this powerful group!
  • Blog: Alumni Engagement
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