About Advocacy Now

This year, we all find ourselves in unique situations facing challenges that we could never have prepared for. These challenges require creative solutions, and overcoming these unfortunate circumstances requires inspiration and dedication.

The resources we have compiled will help you become the best music education advocate you can be. Advocacy Now materials are is designed to be “bite-sized,” actionable ideas that you can implement whether you’re a brand new advocate or a seasoned professional.

And when you’re ready for more, you can check out our 2019 and 2020 Advocacy in Action Award Winners. Hand-selected by our team of experts, these are outstanding advocacy projects designed to take place during “traditional” school years. With the right amount of creativity, the sky is the limit – maybe some of them could be adapted and implemented in your program now!

Anyone can be an advocate for music education!

I'm a student.

I'm a teacher.

I'm a friend.

Music for All’s Mission

Music for All’s mission is to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all.

We believe that music and arts education is a core to students’ education and must be available to all students. Music for All is an advocate for music and arts education. Our educational programs support the efforts of instrumental music teachers on the high school and middle school levels, as well as provide positively life-changing experiences for students.


Music for All’s Vision

Music for All will be a catalyst to ensure that every child across America has access and opportunity to participate in active music-making in his or her scholastic environment.

We will use our resources to provide national programs that recognize and support music students’ performance and success, offer music educator training and professional development, and deliver tools and resources to participants and their communities that will assist them in supporting music education by promoting awareness of music’s impact on student growth and achievement.