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Community Engagement

Achievement in this category demonstrates a commitment to establishing school music programs as integral parts of their communities.

Parent & Booster Involvement

Achievement in this category demonstrates a commitment to developing an engaged and supportive network of volunteers for your organization.

Recruitment & Retention

Programs that show achievement in this category demonstrate a commitment to building and sustaining a high-quality school music program.

Marketing & Promotion

Achievement in this category demonstrates a commitment to increasing the visibility of high-quality music programs.

Decision-Maker Interaction

The benefits of strong music programs take longer to manifest than the tenure of an upwardly mobile administrator or elected official.

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Achievement in this category demonstrates the understanding that creative and active fundraising benefits both individual students and entire programs.

Adjudicator's Choice

The Adjudicator's Choice Award recognizes an outstanding project submission that does not align with an existing category but is still deserving of recognition. 

We Lead with Music

Music for All’s advocacy programs and resources are key elements in our vision to be a catalyst to ensure that every child across America has access and opportunity to active music making in his or her scholastic environment. Our educational programs and events are just one way we deliver our advocacy efforts and message: We lead with music.