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Castle Marching Knights Uniform T-Shirt

Castle High School, IN

3344 State Highway 261, Newburgh, IN, USA
Warrick County School Corporation
Director: Tom Dean
Category: Promotional Clothing Item
Award: Gold, 2019

Project Description

Each year the Castle Marching Knights (CMKs) are known for selling a variety of merchandise to family, friends and fans. This fall, in addition to the 2018 show shirts and merchandise, a new t-shirt (inspired by the Castle Marching Knights Uniform) was unveiled to the community. The shirt looks very similar to the CMKs uniform jacket and allows fans of all ages to feel like a special member of the Castle Band family without marching on the field.

Target Audience

The target audience for the Castle Marching Knights Uniform T-Shirt is anyone who wants to be a part of the Castle Band family. Already these t-shirts have been purchased for a variety of ages, from young children who hope to be CMKs one day to parents, grandparents and alumni/alumnae who want to feel connected to the program. The t-shirt has also been very popular amongst the band students as a fun way to advertise and recruit for the program.

Overall budget


Specific Budget Breakdown

  • Design: Created for free by an alumnae
  • Print: Printed 550 shirts ($6 per shirt), $3,300 for 550 shirts
  • Sold (to date): 500 shirts (selling for $10), $5,000 for 500 shirts sold so far

New or recurring project?

New Project

Challenges/obstacles that were encountered

As of right now, most of the t-shirts that have been sold have been purchased by Castle Band family members or members themselves. We would eventually like to see these shirts on not just family members, but students, friends and community members alike. As the uniform t-shirts are being worn more frequently throughout the fall marching band season in public places, we are hopeful that our community would like to show their support for the Castle Band family by purchasing a t-shirt.

Measurement of the success/effectiveness of this project?

When the Castle Marching Knights Uniform T-shirts went on sale in May we originally printed 550 t-shirts. We have sold 500 t-shirts as of August which has made the project a success! These t-shirts are still for sale until we run out. If there are enough people interested in purchasing the t-shirt at a later date, we intend to print more for purchase.

Advice for someone looking to replicate this project in their own community?

Make the t-shirt unique to your program as well as fun and accessible to all ages. It is inspiring to see young children and adults alike excited to wear their Castle Marching Knights Uniform T-Shirt to football games and competitions.

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