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2019 Award Winners

Community Engagement

Achievement in this category demonstrates a commitment to establishing school music programs as integral parts of their communities.

Community Engagement Program

Gold (Tie): "Free to Be…You and Me"
Gold (Tie): "StringWizards"
Silver: "Bridging Adolescence: A River Flows Through Us"
Bronze: "Music Matters Takes to Town!"
Honorable Mention: "AnARTchy"

Community Engagement Video

Gold: "Right Now (We Need One Another) Video"

Community Event

Gold: "Right Now (We Need One Another) Event"
Silver: "B.A.M. (Burrell Arts and Music) Night"
Bronze: "Giving Back!"
Honorable Mention: "Performing Arts Spectacular"
Honorable Mention: "Evening of Strings: Miami Valley Orchestra Event"
Honorable Mention: "YOL Percussion Circles with the Elder Community Engagement Program"

Community Service Project

Gold (Tie): "School Supply Drive for LowCountry Orphan Relief"
Gold (Tie): "Right Now (We Need One Another) Service Project"
Silver: "Holiday Band Charity Concert"
Bronze: "OCG Community Service Project"

Decision-Maker Interaction

The benefits of strong music programs take longer to manifest than the tenure of an upwardly mobile administrator or elected official.

Engagement with Administrator-Administration

Gold: "Special Ed Music Program"
Silver: "Stakeholder Collaboration and Involvement"
Bronze (Tie): "Success through Collaboration"
Bronze (Tie): "Getting to Know You"

Engagement with Elected Officials

Gold: "March to P.E. in South Carolina (S.302)"
Silver: "Music Under the Stars Community Outreach Concert"

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Achievement in this category demonstrates the understanding that creative and active fundraising benefits both individual students and entire programs.

Fundraising Event

Gold: "Bowling for Bands"
Silver: "Outdoor Music Festival and Annual Auction"
Bronze: "Bulk Corn Sale"
Honorable Mention: "Cantonstock"

Fundraising Program

Gold: "Blitz Boost"

Marketing & Promotion

Achievement in this category demonstrates a commitment to increasing the visibility of high-quality music programs.

Concert-Contest Program Book

Gold: "Norwin Bands Concert Programs"

Miscellaneous Activity

Gold: "Extended Community Building"
Silver: "Take The Field With Pride Photo Program"

Miscellaneous Multimedia

Gold: "Promotional Campaign for the Biloxi Band"
Silver: "Castle Marching Knights “Alone” Promotional Video"

Outdoor Billboard

Gold: "#CARNEGIEBOUND Billboard"

Press-Media Kit

Print Advertisement

Gold: "Haltom Band Scheherazade Concert Poster"

Program Website

Gold: "Prosper High School Band Website"
Silver: "Creekside Performing Arts Website"

Promotional Clothing Item

Gold: "Castle Marching Knights Uniform T-Shirt"

Promotional Flyer-Poster

Gold: "Haltom Band Poster Campaign"
Silver: "Why Music?"

Social Media Engagement

Gold: "Tarpon Springs Social Media"
Silver: "Section of the Week / Instagram Take Over"
Bronze: "Senior Spotlight"
Honorable Mention: "Bands of America Hype Video"

Television-Radio Promotion

Gold: "GRHS Chorus Launch"

Parent & Booster Involvement

Achievement in this category demonstrates a commitment to developing an engaged and supportive network of volunteers for your organization.

Parent-Booster Engagement Program

Gold: "Private Lesson Scholarships"
Silver: "Band Together"
Bronze: "Tarpon Spring Band Booster Engagement"
Honorable Mention: "Spring Arts Showcase"

Volunteer Opportunity

Recruitment & Retention

Programs that show achievement in this category demonstrate a commitment to building and sustaining a high-quality school music program.

Beginning Recruitment Program

Gold: "Recruitment is a Process, Not an Event"
Silver: "Music Academy Recruitment"
Bronze: "Desert Hills Cone Site Beginning Program Recruitment"
Honorable Mention: "Beginning Band Recruiting"

High School Recruitment Program

Gold: "St. Francis Prep Music Recruiting"
Silver (Tie): "Tarpon Springs Recruitment"
Silver (Tie): "Musical Mentors"
Bronze: "North Cobb Recruitment Program"
Honorable Mention: "Music Business Recruitment"

High School Retention Program

Gold (Tie): "CG Tonight!"
Gold (Tie): "Windsor Knights of the Rock Table"
Silver: "Ice Cream (Teambuilding) Social"
Bronze: "CGHS Lettering in Music"

Middle School Retention Program

Gold: "NBJH Bands Alumni Festival"
Silver: "CGHS Music Matters Middle to High Retention Plan"

Recruitment Event-Activity

Gold: "Exchange Concert Program"
Silver: "The Orleans Pep Band Invitational"

Recruitment Video

Gold: "Vestavia Hills Recruitment Video"
Silver: "2017 YOL Grant Video"
Bronze: "Prosper Recruitment Video"

Map of 2019 Award Winners