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Haltom Band Poster Campaign

Haltom High School, TX

5501 Haltom Road, Haltom City, TX, USA
Birdville Independent School District
Director: Donnie Hull
Category: Promotional Flyer-Poster
Award: Gold, 2019

Project Description

Inspired by sports marketing and the images of BOA, DCI and WGI, we wanted to create a print poster campaign to promote the positive image of our band students in our schools as well as recruit new members! We used photos that we took ourselves as well as photos takes by Zach Ashcraft (@zach_ashcraft) to make our students look awesome. We used, a user friendly Adobe-like software, to edit the designs. Once the posters were printed, we placed them in the hallways of our schools and in the band halls of our feeders as well. We made enough for the students pictured in the poster to have a few for their families and for their bedroom wall.

Target Audience

Band students in our high school and our feeder middle schools, future students and the families of our students.

Overall budget


Specific Budget Breakdown

  • 150 – the district paid to have Zach Ashcraft (@zach_ashcraft) come photograph our district band showcase
  • $40 – we used our district print shop to make high quality, poster sized prints

New or recurring project?

New Project

Measurement of the success/effectiveness of this project?

Our enrollment is the highest it has ever been this year. We know that the posters are the only reason we have more students, but we do know that it had a positive impact on the students. Especially when the middle school students got to meet some of the high school students they had seen in the posters: it was like they were meeting celebrities!

Advice for someone looking to replicate this project in their own community?

Use high quality and high resolution photographs. If you don’t have or know how to use a high quality camera, hire someone! Don’t just use pics from your phone.
Take the time to have someone look at your drafts. Editing tips from the art and journalism teachers were helpful!

Always order one print proof – once you see it in person, things look differently! Whether it is color or a typo. Before printing several copies, make ONE.
Use high quality, color printing. It may cost more, but it will reflect the professionalism your students deserve.

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