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Bands of America Hype Video

Rouse High School, TX

1222 Raider Way, Leander, TX, USA
Leander Independent School District
Director: Jason Robb
Category: Social Media Engagement
Award: Honorable Mention, 2019

Project Description

The Rouse High School Band resides in the Central Texas Hill Country and is one of six high schools in Leander ISD that has an approximate enrollment of 180 students that feed in from 2 middle school campuses. Our band proudly consists of musicians, percussionists, guard, and dance company members that demonstrate excellence and dedication.

To promote the Band’s 2018 show and upcoming appearance at the Bands of America Austin Regional Contest, the Rouse Band Media team captured aerial and ground based video to create an action movie style trailer. The purpose of the video is to excite and motivate our band students and to increase awareness and support from the public as the band prepares for their first contest of the season.

This video captures the action and excitement of a marching band show in a quick 60 second video clip with high impact visuals, music and graphics.

Target Audience

Our target audience on Facebook is primarily band parents, secondary is extended family members and friends of band members.

The Instagram target audience is primarily students of Rouse Band, secondary audience is students of other high school bands and non-band students of Rouse and other high schools.

The twitter target audience is primarily parents and other rouse community organizations who help share and promote scheduled events.

Specific Budget Breakdown

There is no budget for this project. Video was captured using parent volunteers and personally owned equipment. Video editing was performed by the Rouse Band Boosters Communications Chair.

New or recurring project?

New Project

Challenges/obstacles that were encountered

Capturing exciting video footage early in the marching season can be difficult. Performance opportunities have been limited to rehearsals and football games, where drones are not permitted. To capture high quality video in a stadium setting, drone video was taken during a stadium dress rehearsal. Ground based, hand held video was captured during football games and rehearsals.

Measurement of the success/effectiveness of this project?

Social media engagement is measured using Facebook and Instagram insights data. The attached spreadsheet includes more detailed metrics for both Facebook and Instagram.

The data captures engagement between 9/24/18 – 9/27/18. In only three days, this video has accumulated:

  • 3,544 Views on Facebook
  • 463 Views on Instagram
  • 398 Views on Twitter
  • 13,066 Facebook Impressions
  • 1,257 Instagram Impressions

Advice for someone looking to replicate this project in their own community?

ind parent volunteers who are good at photography, videography, editing, and graphic design. You would be surprised to find how many parents have the skills and time needed to create compelling projects. A band or booster organization does not need to spend money on expensive hardware and/or software. Our Band Boosters Media Team has created all of our visual assets on zero budget with all parent volunteer time and equipment.

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