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Traughber JHS Band Website

Traughber Junior High School, IL

570 Colchester Dr, Oswego, IL 60543, USA
SD #308
Director: Rachel Maxwell
Category: Program Website
Award: Gold, 2020

Project Description

The website is used as a communication tool for band families and as a source of information for future members and other educators.

Target Audience

Traughber JHS Band Families, 400 student families, Grades 6-8, 64% white, 36% minority, 21% low income, District Financial Capacity to Meet Expectations = 63%,

Overview of planning and execution process for this project

The band website has evolved over the past 10 years. It started as a simple 3-4 page resources and has expanded to include our curriculum and learner outcomes.

Sponsors/charities/volunteers/ other groups involved in the project and the benefits to each.


Community Impact

The other four junior high schools in our district have modeled their websites after ours. Administrators and community members have access to the site to clarify the band program’s vision, goals and policies. It has assisted in communication and clarity. The site is used in several collegiate music education programs as a sample site. I am routinely contacted by band directors outside of our district with questions about our program and the site serves as a resource.

Overall budget


Specific Budget Breakdown

We use the free Google Site which comes with the education package.

New or recurring project?


How did you update/change this project from its previous occurrence?

We have changed servers from Yahoo, Weebly and now Google.

Challenges/obstacles that were encountered

Website update is done weekly. Time is scheduled as part of weekly program planning to maintain and keep the site current.

Measurement of the success/effectiveness of this project?

We track website statistics of hits and interactions. We ask for parent and student feedback on usefulness and convenience of the site. We have added our weekly assignments and weekly events to the opening page. This has increased parent awareness of the work being done in each ensemble.

Advice for someone looking to replicate this project in their own community?

Start small with basic communication, calendars and events. Add policy and procedure as the second level of development. The final step is to add curriculum, outcomes and resources.

Supporting Materials

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