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Music In Motion Booster Engagement

Ruben S. Ayala High School, CA

14255 Peyton Dr, Chino Hills, CA 91709, USA
Chino Valley Unified School District
Director: Tim Trost
Category: Parent-Booster Engagement Program
Award: Silver, 2020

Project Description

The Ayala Band and Color Guard Music Program (Ayala BAC) at Ruben S. Ayala High School in Chino Hills CA, is one of the premier high school music programs in the nation, with a rich history of developing young talent into world-class performers and a reputation for a high standard of excellence. For over 25 years, Ayala BAC has consistently performed at the highest levels, earning recognition for its commitment, dedication, and inventive musical performances.

Ayala BAC was created in 1990 when the school first opened and has since trained and taught more than 1,600 students, under the school’s main values: providing opportunities to all students to achieve a successful high school experience in a safe and positive environment. Instrumental music, the marching band, three concert bands, two jazz bands, two percussion ensembles and the color guard are part of this music program.

Ayala BAC is a member of the Western Band Association (WBA) and has hosted since 2006 Music in Motion (MIM), which is one of the largest field tournaments in the Southern California region. Nowadays, more than 3,000 performers and 5,000 spectators fill the Ayala stadium throughout this day-long event. Participating bands vary in size from 35 to 350 members, as well as the complexity of their shows.

For the last 5 years, MIM has attracted an average of twenty-eight high school marching bands and auxiliary units to compete for top honors in musical and visual performances during this WBA adjudicated show during the month of October. In 2019, MIM will be celebrating its 13th year since its creation, and it wouldn’t be possible without all its students, parents and staff that work all together to achieve the level of excellence and commitment that Ayala BAC has always been distinguished for.

The Ayala BAC booster organization supports the program by planning, promoting, and administering the fundraising efforts and other activities at the discretion of the band director. Parents and family members of students in the program make up the booster organization, with additional help from alumni parents. Every family associated with BAC is required to volunteer at a minimum of three events during the school year and support their student’s commitment to the program. In addition, all band parents are encouraged to attend monthly Band Booster meetings.

Target Audience

The target audience are Southern California School Marching Bands members of the WBA. On average, MIM has consistently registered every year more than 25 bands, compiling a total of more than 3000 high school students during the event.

In addition, MIM gathers family, friends and community members, making this competition one of the most attended on the WBA Fall Schedule, with more than 5000 people during the day-long tournament.

Overview of planning and execution process for this project

The Ayala BAC Executive Board Event Director coordinates the efforts of our booster members by setting consistent planning meetings starting 6 months in advance, and committees are organized in order to cover the main event areas: volunteer registration, awards, concessions, event programs, judges and directors hospitality, parking, vendors, sponsors, media, setup and clean up. Music in Motion has been hosted by Ayala BAC during the month of October, and it has always been operated by the booster organization.

A typical timeline for this event would be:

  • April – Adding MIM in the school calendar in order to reserve the football stadium and other facilities around the school campus; request for security and custodial needs for the day of the event to the School District.
  • May – Online Band Registration is open through the Western Band Association (WBA) website.
  • July – Event director contacts past committee chairs and co-chairs; contacting previous vendors and locating new ones;
  • August – Start request of estimates for Awards; design and content of event programs; start recruitment of boosters for the different areas; hospitality director starts planning menu for concessions and for hospitality tent; merchandise is inventoried and new orders are sent to vendors.
  • September – Event packets for registered bands are put together with important information regarding the event; programs are finalized with advertisement, sponsors and personal ads; travel arrangements are made for adjudicators assigned to judge the competition.
  • October – All areas have last planning meetings; setup for the event is done a day before tournament.

Community Impact

MIM represents one of the main fundraising activities for Ayala BAC. The revenue from this tournament supports different areas of the Band Program: travel expenses, equipment and vehicle maintenances, supplies and auxiliaries, among others. In addition, a financially successful event provide funds that ease fair shares from families and support other main areas: uniforms, instrument maintenance, instruction fees, etc.

For Ruben S. Ayala has been a great source of pride and honor to have a successful music program that not only represents the school, but also embodies its vision of nurturing a culture of high expectations and engagement.

Ayala BAC receives a strong support from the school district, and has continued providing the means and encouragement to grow through the last 25 years since its creation.

Ayala BAC band program has also impacted other schools in the Chino Valley Unified School District by collaborating with band programs at the feeder schools to Ayala High School, and it continues being a model to other middle and high schools who have become award-winning band ensembles as well.

At the local community level, Ayala BAC participates in city Christmas Parades, Christmas Tree Lightning Ceremonies, organizes events that are open to the general public as the Latin Jazz Dinner, Painting Night, or Summer Movie Showing. Ayala BAC Boosters are mostly local residents that continue promoting the band program activities among their neighbors and family members, and they are actively involved in other community activities, connecting the band program and the community in many other ways.

Overall budget


Specific Budget Breakdown

  • Adjudicators – $5,500
  • Concessions – $4,500
  • Custodian/Security – $3,000
  • WBA Fee – $1,500
  • Awards/Trophies – $1,600
  • Event Lighting – $1,200
  • Programs – $1,200
  • Hospitality – $850
  • Insurance – $800
  • Advertisement/Promotional – $700
  • Other Expenses – $1,150

New or recurring project?


How did you update/change this project from its previous occurrence?

Every year, the Ayala BAC Booster Executive Board assess the success of MIM. This assessment is leaded by the Events Director, who reports the revenue generated from tickets, concessions, and merchandise sold. These results are always compared with past years, and new ideas are proposed to improve those areas that were impacted or under performed. The volunteer coordinator also reports the amount of volunteers that participated, as well as their comments from their experience during the event. All comments are shared shared during the executive board meeting and they are taking in consideration to make adjustments for next year’s event.

MIM has consistently increased the amount of bands participating, people attending, and volunteer engagement. The culture of excellence and commitment are strongly engrained in the organization and is communicated consistently to all the boosters, by always encouraging to participate and with proper training according to the needs of the event. The knowledge passed along from one booster to another is part of the winning formula for a successful parent engagement; the other part, is consistently documenting procedures and protocols that make easier the transitions every year from seasoned boosters to new parent members of the band.

Challenges/obstacles that were encountered

During last year’s tournament, we had unusual bad weather during the month of October. There was a major thunderstorm (which is rare in Southern California) the night before MIM, and extended into the morning of the event. As a result, we had to be prepared with contingency plan which was implemented the day of the competition.

The Event Director contacted all the Committee Chairs and requested that they bring tarps, extra pop-up tents, etc. Janitorial staff was contacted to be at the site earlier, and to be prepared with more supplies to clean areas of heavy traffic. Ayala BAC Boosters were asked to arrive early to wipe and clean off all the bleachers, so that the attendees could be seated in dry seats. The band director communicated constantly with other band directors in order to confirm that the event will continue according to schedule. Fortunately, rain cleared close to the beginning of the event, and allowed us to continue with the tournament.

No boosters deserted their duties or complained about the situation; everyone step up to the crisis and assisted where there was need. We also received very positive feedback from participants on how well we handle the situation, and that we delivered a well-organized event.

Measurement of the success/effectiveness of this project?

Due to the success of the event, we have witnessed an increase in parent participation. Some specific examples are larger number of parents attending booster meetings and chaperoning at various events throughout the year. Every year the Boosters make improvements to the event. As stated above, the results contributes to ongoing success with the boosters and the program. When Boosters collaborate and work with the Director/s and staff, high levels of student achievement is evident.

Advice for someone looking to replicate this project in their own community?

GO FOR IT!! It is well worth it. Yes, it takes a lot of work and time, but the rewards that go with it are priceless. Hosting an event like this is one of the greatest experiences a parent Booster can have. The bonding and friendships made from participating in the program will last a lifetime.

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