“Persevering Throughout the Pandemic”

2023 Pandemic Perseverance Honorable Mention Recipient

Jonesboro High School Band

Jonesboro High School
Atlanta, Georgia


During the pandemic, the Majestic Marching Cardinals remained busy. We take our job as ambassadors of our community very serious. Throughout the pandemic, with the help of our parents and community, we continued to perform at sporting events, even shooting commercials for high profile businesses. We remained active.


Our objective was to continue to provide entertainment and to remain visible in the community to provide people with the happiness and excitement that performing arts can bring to the community. Shooting the commercial for Slutty Vegan allowed people to see that perseverance throughout a pandemic was possible.

Target Audience

The target audience was the students within the program.


The overall timeline stretched throughout the duration of the pandemic.

Overview of Planning and Execution

Myself as the band director, the band parents who assisted with making sure we had a safe environment to practice in and the executives producers of the television commercial.

Tools and Resources

Sanitizer, Lysol, gloves, masks and a lot of determination.

Marketing and Promotion

There wasn’t much marketing necessary to continue to push through the pandemic and continue to thrive.


The only expenditures included donations that were provided by the community for sanitation products.


The major obstacle was keeping everyone safe and free of Covid. By creating a very strict covid protocol as well as sacrificing practicing outside, we were able to continue to practice and perform while keeping everyone safe. No one came up positive for Covid 19.

Success/Effectiveness Measurement

It was most definitely successful, in that we did not have any confirmed outbreaks within the band while persevering through the pandemic.

Community Impact

We were able to still create opportunities and entertain crowds throughout the pandemic.

Advice for others?

Visibility in the community is very important, however what’s more important is the safety of each students that participates in band. If there is a way to remain safe while still providing opportunities, I would say take it.