“The Princeton Music Booster Bash”

2024 Parent/Booster Support Award Recipient

Princeton 6-12 Music Department

Cincinnati, OH


The Princeton Music Booster Bash was an event to celebrate 65 years of the Princeton Music Boosters. The ticketed event consisted of formal invitations, heavy hors d’oeuvres receptions, Tri-M Student Volunteers, historical music displays including yearbooks and uniforms from the Princeton Museum, a seated presentation including a welcome, student performances by Chamber Orchestra, Vocal Chamber Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble, powerpoint presentation, and featured speakers including the Princeton Superintendent Tom Burton, Senators Jessica Miranda and Louis Blessing, III, and former Princeton Music Educators Sam Reynolds, Dave Maroon and Bob Monroe, and ending with a cake and cookie reception.


The objective of the Booster Bash was to celebrate the 65 year history of the Princeton Music Boosters and Princeton Music, and use the history to positively advocate for continued support of Princeton Music.

Target Audience

The target audience of the advocacy initiative was current and former Princeton Music Booster families as well as current and former Princeton Music Educators. They were the focus to share the 65 year history of support for Princeton Music, and all the ways the Princeton Music Boosters have supported and impacted the program. In sharing the 65 year history, it is hoped that current and former music families understand the necessity and value of consistent support. Many participants came to the event to see their former Music Educators.


There were Booster Bash meetings in August, September, October, December, January and February to work through all of the details which included: designing and printing save the date and invitations, requesting the date/time/space from the district, food, publicity, displays, decorations, and resolutions by community mayors and politicians. The event took place on February 22, 2023 from 6:00-9:00pm at Princeton High School Viking Village and Matthews Auditorium.

Overview of Planning and Execution

The Princeton Music Booster president, Tom Benjamin, put together a committee to meet and carry out tasks in preparation for the event. The committee consisted of 11 members, including current booster parents, and current and former music educators. Mr. Benjamin took care of most of the big items such as securing the date/time/site, ordering the food, and preparing the timeline and program order for the event. Tish Jones took care of invitations and publicity. Beth and Anna took care of the history displays of yearbooks, photos and uniforms in the lobby. Kristen and Syndy took care of the cookie and cake reception. Michelle took care of the plates and napkins needed for the reception. Wendy took care of the finances, collecting the ticket money and paying the expenses.

Tools and Resources

  • Utilized our district resources including facility rental, publicity, the Princeton Museum, and Matthews Auditorium.
  • Utilized community connections with local and state politicians.
  • Utilized a local food vendor, Hammann’s Butcher and Catering, to support a local caterer.

Marketing and Promotion

We used printed save the date and formal invitations, also shared via Princeton City Schools website and social media, and Princeton Music Boosters social media, both including facebook, instagram and twitter. Formal invitations were sent to a guest list of former Princeton Music Boosters and officers as well as former Princeton Music Educators. There were 125 in attendance.


Tickets were $30 each. We collected $2,544.84 in ticket sales and donations. Catering cost was approximately $2,400.

Printing was donated. Cookie/cake reception was donated. “Rental” of the facility was free for this event. This was not a fundraising event, and it broke even.


It was difficult to nail down the date and time for the facility usage around swim meets. We were ultimately able to set up around 5:00pm for the event that started at 6:00pm. Despite all of our marketing and promotion, there were still people who didn’t know about the event or heard about the event afterwards that indicated that they would have like to attend.

Success/Effectiveness Measurement

Our advocacy initiative was effective! It was an amazing event and we received many e-mails of thanks from participants. It ended up being quite the who’s who of Princeton as well as a reunion event for former students, boosters, and educators. A good time was had by all.

Community Impact

This advocacy initiative positively impacted our music program, school, district and local community by highlighting the 65 year history of Princeton Music Boosters and Princeton Music for Princeton Administration, Princeton BOE members, local politicians, and state Senators, all who shared their experiences both verbally and on social media.

Advice for others?

Not everything has to be a fundraiser. An advocacy event can have a necessary and positive effect that is far reaching. This was a great collaboration with parents, educators, and the district resources.

Supporting Materials

Princeton Through the Years Powerpoint Presentation

Bash Monitor Show

Booster Bash Timeline/Assignments

Bash Invite

Stuever Movie