Advocacy in Action: Share Your Story

Congratulations on being named a 2019 Advocacy in Action Award winner! Music for All is excited to recognize and share the outstanding advocacy efforts of your program on the national stage!

As we prepare our media materials, please consider sharing some information with us about how this program has impacted your school, district, and/or community. We would love to feature stories from our winners in their own words!

Some ideas to consider:
  • What did it take to make this project happen? Who did you involve from your school, district, or community in order to produce this project?
  • Did this project create opportunities for student leadership in your program? How did students support the project and/or your application for the Advocacy in Action Awards?
  • Are there other teachers, parents, administrators, or community members who have benefited from this project? How did this project impact your community?
  • How did your administration, booster group, school board, or parent/teacher organization receive the news of your award? Has this award bolstered support for your program or strengthened your program's relationship with the larger community?
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